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Exhibition in Pazardzhik
22 November 2018 at the Boev Art gallery of Pazardzhik, the exhibition of the famous artist and sculptor, a native of sister-city Stephen Lyutakova was opened. The exhibition presents creative works which were not exhibited before -18 sculptures made of bronze, marble and wood, as well as 19 paintings. Today it is already organized thirty solo exhibitions of Stefan Lyutakov. 

Charitable aid to victims of floods 
In order to provide assistance and solidarity, representatives of the city of Beziers voted to collect money in favor of the flood victims on the Od River. The amount of 16,000 euros was transferred to the Association of mayors of French cities. Also the town hall of Béziers sent to the Trab Commune, victim of flooding, a group of workers to participate in elimination of results of natural disasters and humanitarian aid.

Implementation of the creative project
A new joint project "The Creative Economy Initiative" developed by the public organizations "Festival of arts De Moines" and "Bravo" is being implemented in the sister city of Des Moines. The project involves activities aimed at promoting professional development and career growth of representatives of various creative professions. The implementation of the project will also contribute to the expansion of opportunities for representatives of culture and art of the sister city to participate in the development of the city's economy and improve the quality of life of the population. 

Opening of a new grocery market 
On November 18, 2017, the opening of a new market of farm products was held in the sister city of Zhenjiang. The total area of the pavilions is 3,600 sq. m. the volume of investments is more than 15 RMB. Here buyers will be able to buy fresh meat and fish products of local producers, vegetables and fruits, semi-finished products and ready meals. The opening of the new market contributes to the formation of a more comfortable trading environment for the residents of the city. 

Program for the prevention of diseases 
The screening program "assessment of the efficiency of management of patients with impaired carbohydrate metabolism and high cardiovascular risks" was implemented for the first time on the initiative of Yerevan municipality. The aim of the project is early detection and prevention of diseases. More than 2000 citizens took part in the program during the year. Beneficiaries were also provided with special devices for measuring blood pressure and blood sugar, data from which were automatically transmitted online to doctors. In fact, citizens were under the round-the-clock supervision of specialists. The initiative is implemented jointly with the Yerevan urban endocrine dispensary and the Association of cardiologists of Armenia 

Competition to determine the best tourist destination 
In East China, a competition was held to determine the High-quality Popular Tourist Destinations, to participate in which the most picturesque places of the country were presented. The results of the competition were announced on November 9 this year at the Global Tourism Brand Innovation Development Summit. According to the results of on-line voting and expert evaluation of the jury the finalists included three tourist places of the sister city of Changzhou: Oriental Salt Lake City, Jiangnan Global Harbor and Yancheng Amusement Park.


The music contest in the city of Pazardzhik

In the period from November 09 to 11, 2018 the music contest “Note for Note” was held with the financial support of the Community of Pazardzhik. The jury consisted of famous Bulgarian musicians-teachers. The professional workshops, lessons on acting skills were also held for participants of the event. The main musical event and the creative outcome of the contest was the final gala concert.

The project on reconstruction building spaces to garages

In recent years an outflow of employable population from the city to the countryside has been observed in France. Most commonly representatives of the middle class have left the city - dynamic, family and financially reliable. In order to further development of trade and catering, the Beziers municipality is working out the project to return citizens to permanent residency in the city center. Whereas it is necessary to have cars garages in walking distance, one of the ways to solve the problem was a specially developed project on reconstruction residential and commercial spaces into garages. There is a subsidy for owners of vacant premises – 3,000 euros. The assistance in the free preparation of documentation will be provided. 

The opening of a medical clinic

The official opening of the new clinic of the medical center “Mercy Medical Center” in the sister city of Des Moines, specializing in labor protection was held on November 14th of this year. The health care institution provides comprehensive services for businesses on medical care for employees. There are opportunities to receive treatment for industrial injuries, to undergo a diagnostic examination or physical examination, testing the workplace hygiene standards, audiometry, x-rays and many others. The opening of the clinic, located in the central part of the city, will help preserve the health of the working social groups.

The sales day

November 11 in China and around the world is known as the day of the biggest sales, especially in online stores. So, in 2018 year the logistics company of the China Post in the sister city of Zhenjiang had to attract additional staff to sort the shipments during this period. More than 35,000 online purchases were made on 11th November of this year in the sister city. The peak of consumer activity was observed in the next three days too.

The meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan

An official meeting with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Republic of Armenia took place in the City Hall of the sister city of Yerevan. The issues of the development of Armenian-Japanese cooperation were discussed during the reception. It was noted that, despite the fact that direct partnerships between Yerevan and the major cities of Japan have not yet been established, there are great opportunities for cooperation in various spheres of the urban economy. It was also noted that the Japanese tourist traffic to Armenia has recently increased.

Development of cooperation in the vehicle manufacturing industry

The general manager of China FAW Group Co., Ltd. which has leading positions in the Chinese vehicle manufacturing industry visited Changzhou on November 8th of this year. The prospects for cooperation in the vehicle manufacturing industry were discussed during the meetings with the leadership of the sister city. The achievements of Changzhou in the development of the machine-building industry, as well as the manufacture of components and repair parts were noted. Representatives of the company also noted favorable conditions for business in the city of Changzhou.


Development of Pazardzhik

In the sister city of Pazardzhik the Program of city development is successfully implemented, during which arrangement of territories with a total area more than 10 thousand sq.m. has been already completed. Within realization of this program on November 09 of this year the start is given to the new project "Development of city space in the Maritsa-Hospital area of Pazardzhik". The general financing of the program makes more than 3,5 million Euros  fr om means of the state budget and the European Regional Development Fund.

Reconstruction of Mediterranee stadium

The sister city of Bezier is going to welcome professional sport teams in 2019 for the first time in its history. That is why the full reconstruction of the stadium is planned, approximate cost of these works is 1,2 million Euros. The replacement of a lawn of Mediterranee stadium which had been in a bad condition because of numerous sports events the last season was carried out in the period from October 15 to October 25 of this year. 

New season of Brenton Skating Plaza

On November 16 of this year in the sister city of Des Moines the thirteenth season of the ice rink of "Brenton Skating Plaza" will be opened. This is the first facility in the Iowa State giving an opportunity for rest and sports to citizens on the fresh air everyday from November to March. During holidays visitors are  also able to participate in various interactive entertainment programs. 

Tourism development

Opening in October of this year in the sister city of Zhenjiang of the new Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge promotes the further development of tourist branch and growth of consumer activity of the population. A wide choice of products and low prices attract tourists and visitors from China and other countries. Besides among Zhenjiang's youth trips to Japan and on Russian ski resorts enjoy the increasing popularity. 

New recreation areas 

In the sister city of Yerevan two new recreational parks are opened wh ere all necessary for the organization of good rest of inhabitants and guests of the capital have been created. Special attention at arrangement of parks is paid to use of the latest technologies and smart solutions: solar panels for day and night-time lighting are installed, artificial pools, modern playgrounds are built, and free Wi-Fi is provided. It is supposed to make use of positive experience of reconstruction further for equipment of city recreation areas. 
Autumn Canton Fair 2018

In the city of Guangzhou there was the largest Chinese fair of export and import of "Autumn Canton Fair 2018" in which about 250 exhibitors from Changzhou have participated. Stands in more than 40 areas have been presented: power and technical equipment, the latest technologies, auto parts, consumer electronics, construction materials, textiles, medicine, tourist services, sports, household goods, gardening, and many other things. Annually about 20000 sellers and 200000 buyers take part in it. Participation in this exhibition will promote positive image of the enterprises of Changzhou in China and abroad.


Day of national heroes 
Annually on November 1 in Bulgaria the national holiday of National Buditel – participants of liberation movement fr om an Ottoman yoke is celebrated. In the sister city of Pazardzhik there were festive events, torch processions, flower-laying to monuments of national heroes. Within this holiday the ceremony of opening of the monument to the famous Bulgarian revolutionary, writer Zachariy Stoyanov was held. Festive actions were ended with a concert of performance groups of the sister city. 

Actions devoted to the end of World War I 
On November 11, 2018 the actions devoted to century of the end of World War I will take place in the city of Bezier. The solemn procession of the veterans living in Bezier and citizens will pass across the central streets to the monument of memory of the dead wh ere the official ceremony and flower-laying to the monument will be organized. It is planned to open the bust of Frederik Pra, the poet, the native Bezier who has died in the war at the age of 20 years. Pupils of the city will honor memory of the poet with reading his verses. 

Educational program for the working population 
Since January, 2019 in the sister city of Des Moines the new training courses in the field of programming and graphic editors «Code DSM» for working adults begin to work. Need of the program is caused by demand of experts in the sphere of information technologies in labor market of the sister city. The curriculum is developed in the way to allow studying the course on the main job. Classes will be given within 15 weeks. 

Cultural events 
At the end of October of this year in the sister city of Zhenjiang a number of cultural events of national value was organized. The performance of an opera star of Mr. Li Zhengcheng with the known show transferring features of national opera art took place. Also the new picture of the famous artist Mr. Kang Shunwei "The collection of Zhenjiang scenic spots " created in the national manner which is non-material cultural heritage of China was presented to inhabitants and guests of the sister city. 

End of the VII season of the tourist program "Yerevan City Tour" 
The department of tourism of municipality of Yerevan summed up the results of the VII season of the official city tourist program "Yerevan City Tour". For March-October, 2018 about 6500 people took part in the program. Socially important programs for school students, students, elderly people and persons with limited opportunities were developed. The organization of excursions will be renewed in the spring of 2019.

China International small and medium enterprises fair 
Eleven companies of the sister city of Changzhou participated In the 15th China International small and medium enterprises fair "CISMEF", organized in the city of Guangzhou in October of this year. A main objective of the action is assistance to establishment business contacts, to trade and cooperate with small and medium enterprises of China and foreign countries. This year much attention was paid to issues of smart manufacturing and energy conservation. During the fair a number of forums, business meetings, seminars, presentations of foreign companies were organized. Enterprises signed significant business contracts. 


Russian culture promotion in the city of Pazardzhik
On October 24, 2018 within the European Capital of Culture program the meeting of Russian associates in the city of Pazardzhik has taken place. The organizer of the event is the "Union of Independent Creative Communication. During the meeting the issues of promoting of Russian language and literature, the importance of history and the culture of Russia studying were discussed. For participants culinary master classes in Russian cuisine were held. 

Ecological action
The mayor's office of the sister city of Bezier implements an action for drawing attention of citizens to inadmissibility of ejection of garbage out of specially allotted places and organization of unauthorized dumps. In addition to the appeals placed on banners on one of the central streets an evident installation. Now the penalty imposed by Bezier city administration on the persons leaving garbage in public places has increased up to 180 Euros. For organizers of unauthorized dumps by means of vehicles is up to 1500 Euros.

End of Farmers’ market 
On October 27 of this year the Farmers’ market will be closed in the sister city of Des Moines. Local producers will present 2018 harvest, fresh meat, dairy and bakery products. Gardeners will also be able to buy saplings of trees and bushes, seeds of plants and flowers. As the action is organized on the eve of Halloween pavilions will be decorated with thematic attributes of this holiday, competitions and games for children will take place.

International sister cities conference 
On October 23 of this year the Zhenjiang  International Sister Cities conference on low-carbon economy was organized in the sister city, in which the Chinese and international experts, representatives of the sister cities of Zhenjiang, including delegation of Stavropol took part. Within the program of the conference issues of development of the eco-industry and energy saving methods, implementation of environmentally safe innovations were considered. Exchange of experience of work in the sphere low-carbon productions took place. 

Festive events on the 2800 anniversary of Yerevan
On October 21 of this year in the sister city of Yerevan the festive events devoted to anniversary of the capital of Armenia were held. For inhabitants and guests of the city the rich program. "Yerevan: from a bronze age – to the capital from a pink tufa" exhibition was opened. Exhibits from archaeological collections of the museums and also the exhibits found during recent excavation were presented. The main part of rarities is presented to the public for the first time. Festive actions were ended with a gala concert and colorful fireworks. 

Annual international half marathon 
In the twin-city of Changzhou the international half marathon which annually unites more than 20 000 athletes from around the world has taken place. Within the competitions three different distances have been organized. The time result of the sportsmen- winners from Ethiopia and Kenya became the best for all history of existence of the Changzhou half marathon.


Sports achievements of the city of Pazardzhik
During the period from October 12 to October 14, 2018 in the city of Chisinau (Republic of Moldova) the XXVI International championship on karate "SKDUN" was held. More than 1800 athletes from thirty countries of the world, including Europe, Russia, India, the USA, Syria, Venezuela, Gabon, Dominican Republic, Nepal participated in  the event. During the competitions representatives of sports club "Tonus-Sport" of the city of Pazardzhik acted successfully. Participants of the sister city won two gold and one silver medals. 

 "Chocolate feriya" event
During the period from October 20 to October 21, 2018 in Congress Palace of the city of Bezier a city event "Chocolate feriya" will be organized. The art will be shown by chokolatiers and confectioners of the city and Ayrault region. About 80 exhibitions, displays, master classes will take place to make something of chocolate and right there to enjoy taste. Within the action the competition for citizens and city visitors on production of the best chocolate cake will be organized. Winners will win prizes.

New art project "Mental banquet: painting with lights"
In the sister city of Des Moines the new art project “Mental banquet: painting with lights” is implemented, it is based on use of 3D-mapping technology, creating effect of visual borders spreading. Within the project on a facade of buildings taking into account architectural features the animated images changing to the sound of music are projected. The innovative show will allow not only emphasizing architecture, transferring the atmosphere of the building, but also seeing its history. 

Autumn job fai
On October 17 of this year in the sister city of Zhenjiang the autumn job fair for graduates of colleges and universities took place. About 300 enterprises participated in the action. About 3 000 jobs more than in dozen spheres were presented: finance, management, equipment, marketing, etc. The annual fair gives a unique opportunity for talented representatives of youth to find work with decent salaries. 

Run competition "The Yerevan marathon"
On October 21 of this year in the capital of Armenia the annual sport event "The Yerevan marathon" will be held. The run competition is a successor of the "Yerevan semi-marathon" organized in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The start will be given to a marathon in the center of Yerevan. The route will pass on beautiful central streets of the sister city, the gorge of the Hrazdan River and will return to the place of start. A large number of athletes and other fans of sport become participants of a sports running annually. 

Organization of the committee on standardization of robots and robotics 
In the sister city of Changzhou the committee on standardization of robots and robotics of the Province of Jiangsu will be created. In Changzhou in recent years a special attention is paid to researches in the field of robotics and to introduction of scientific developments with use of the latest technologies in manufacturing industry and by production of the equipment. Intellectual manufacturing industry became the landmark of the city.


Day of the Bulgarian communities in the city of Pazardzhik
On October 12, 2018 in the city of Pazardzhik celebration of the Day of the Bulgarian communities was held devoted to activity of local governments. During the ceremonial meeting of City Council the Mayor of Pazardzhik addressed inhabitants and guests of the sister city with a welcoming speech in which the important role of local authorities in ensuring activity of the city was noted. Deputies of the State Counsil and the Governor also participated in the meeting. 

Tours of St. Petersburg Theatre for Young Audience
During the period from October 24 to October 27, 2018 tours of known in Russia A.A. Bryantsev Theatre for Young Audience from St. Petersburg will take place in the city of Bezier. This theater exists since 1922, has more than 30 performances in the repertoire and is actively on tour in the cities of the different countries of the world and also participates in the international festivals, having invariable success.

Accelerator Global Insurance project
On October 02 of this year in the city of Atlanta the project of Des Moines Partnership «Accelerator Global Insurance» received a prestigious international award – the Silver prize of the International Economic Development Council. "Accelerator Global Insurance" is the program aimed at the development of business activity, introduction of innovations and support of startups in insurance industry. For its lifetime 26 companies of the city of Des Moines took part in the hundred-day program of the accelerator. 

Socially important actions 
Within the celebration of National Day of the People's Republic of China in the city of Zhenjiang a number of socially important actions are organized. Visit of the rehabilitation centers for elderly took place, culinary master classes in joint preparation of national dishes are held. Actions are prepared with active participation of volunteers and students of the sister city.

Summit of International Organization of Francophonie
In the sister city of Yerevan the 17th summit of the International Organization of Francophonie (IOF) took place. In honor of this significant event at Azatutyan Square the Town of Francophonie "Live and create together" has been opened with pavilions representing 38 member countries of MOF. Special pavilions are devoted to Armenia and Yerevan. Guests and residents have an opportunity to get acquainted with cultural and historical heritage, tourist sights of various countries of the world. The capital of Armenia is a member of the international association for thirty years within cooperation with it a number of large cultural and educational projects are implemented.

Project on delivery of fresh Yangcheng crabs 
On the Yangcheng Lake near the city of Changzhou one of the best productions of freshwater crabs which are delivered to more than 170 cities of China is located. For improvement of quality of production at the enterprise a number of actions are realized: production modernization is carried out, a new system of logistics is introduced, interaction at all stages - from cultivation and processing till realization in retail trade is provided. New approach will allow fresh crabs delivering to the buyer within 1-2 days.


Best municipal practice in the sphere of youth policy 
The joint project of Council of youth policy of the city of Pazardzhik and the mayor's office of Pazardzhik was among the best ten practice of Europe in the nomination “Public”. The organizer of a competition is "The European institute of innovations and policy". The official awards ceremony will be held in November in Vienna city administration (Austria). Cooperation between Council of youth policy and the mayor's office of Community Pazardzhik has been developing since 2016. For this period more than eighty youth actions, seminars and actions are organized. 

Preservation of historical heritage 
For preservation of historical and architectural heritage the city administration of Bezier has made the decision to redeem the house of family of Shapp, known in the city. The house built in 1890 which facade is decorated with the figures of caryatids and Atlases created by the famous sculptor Inzhalber has staid thrown within several decades. It is planned to restore the ancient building in the nearest future. 

Downtown Farmers’ Market 
In the sister city of Des Moines opening of the next Farmer market has taken place. Every Saturday of October there will be presented seasonal production of local producers: fresh vegetables and fruit, bakery and confectionery, landing material for garden and kitchen gardens. Annually about 300 farmers and businessmen from 50 cities of Iowa participate the market. On October 27 within closing of the Farmer market, the festive program for children devoted to Hallooing will be organized. 

Day of the People's Republic of China 
China has celebrated on October 1 the main public holiday - Day of the People's Republic of China. It was proclaimed on October 1, 1949. In honor of a celebration in the sister city of Zhenjiang festive actions have taken place, streets are decorated by national flags and fresh with flowers, there are colorful fireworks. Because of ling holidays many residents have an opportunity to visit the family and friends living in other cities. 

Celebration of the Teachers' Day 
In the capital of Armenia a number of the festive events devoted to the celebration of the Teachers' Day are organized. Leaders of the mayor’s office of the city have congratulated teachers on a professional holiday, having wished them good health, professional achievements and success. The awards ceremony to winners of a competition for the best director, teacher and tutor of year of Yerevan was held. All winners have been handed certificates of honor of the mayor of Yerevan and gifts.

Changzhou International Forum on Sci-Tech & Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation 
On September 28 of this year in Changzhou International Forum on Sci-Tech & Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation has been opened. In thirteen years of work within the forum agreements on realization more than 250 large programs are signed and more than 1200 projects in the sphere of construction and production are reached. In 2018 within the business program more than 60 actions, including exhibitions, seminars, and business meetings have taken place. The reached agreements contributes to social and economic development of the city of Changzhou 


Participation in the international competition on ceramics 
The sculptors of the sister city of Pazardzhik took part in the international competitions on ceramics "Fire Flowers", which took place in Yalta from 4 to 17 September this year. Teams from Russia, Bulgaria, India, Uzbekistan and Ukraine were represented in the competition. The best competitive works from ceramics are in Nikitsky botanical garden of the city-resort of Yalta. The Sculpture of participants from the city of Pazardzhik "Tree of Knowledge" based on biblical legends won a prestigious prize. 

City-developing plans 
The city administration of Bezier published plans for development of the city for the next three years. By 2021 in the downtown the new land parking on 300 places will be built. Builders promise to create the building which will become one of modern symbols of the city. Also there will appear a new hotel complex on 27 numbers, a campus which will unite four educational institutions and a hostel on 200 places and also a house for elderly people. The embankment near city port expects restoration. Besides, two "tourist" places of Bezier – the Southern channel and the Acropolis will be connected by an "easy sheaf". The system of elevators which provides access to historical and cultural monuments for all will be built. 

Manufacturing Day 
October 5, 2018 in the sister city of Des Moines a number of actions devoted to Manufacturing Day will be organized. The main objective is to attract attention of the population to manufacturing profession, to inform on the possible prospects of career development at the industrial enterprises. The organization of presentations of large plants and companies, excursions with demonstration of hi-tech production, professional focused master classes is supposed. Large manufacturing enterprises will open their doors for pupils of schools and students of professional and higher educational institutions. 

Holiday of the middle fall 
On September 24 in the sister city of Zhenjiang the Holiday of the middle fall (Lunar festival) took place, it promotes maintaining traditions of national culture. Public organizations of the sister city prepared the charity events directed to involvement of physically disabled people. Within the holiday culinary master classes in production of the Chinese cookies traditionally prepared during the Lunar festival were held. 

Acquaintance with the Smart City program 
From September 10 to September 16 the official delegation of the Republic of Armenia with the representative of Centre of management technologies of Erevan in it visited the city of Hangzhu, People's Republic of China. The visit purpose was the acquaintance with the modern decisions of the concept Smart City developed by the Dahua Technologies Company. Representatives of the Armenian delegation visited production of the company, the centers of the municipal government in which the systems created by the company function and got acquainted with the principles of their work. The agreement on implementation of pilot projects in Yerevan in certain directions of the Smart City program was reached. 

Participation in the National trade fair of agricultural production and technologies 
There was the National trade fair of agricultural production and technologies in the city of Nanjing in September, 2018. Twelve enterprises of the sister city of Changzhou participated in it. In exhibition halls more than 30 types of the food of the highest standards to qualities and made according to modern technologies in the city of Changzhou were presented. Production of the companies of the sister city was in great demand. Participation promoted public awareness of local producers, sales market expansion and also establishment of business contacts.


Victory in the Majorette Sport World Cup
On September 11, 2018 the press conference devoted to a victory of representatives of Misteriya club of the sister city in the Majorette Sport World Cup was organized in the mayor's office of Community Pazardzhik. The international competitions took place during the period from August 21 to August 25 in the city of Prague (the Czech Republic). The mayor of Pazardzhik congratulated participants on a deserved victory and noted the work and achievements of youth of the sister city. 

Pictures - optical illusions on Bezier's streets
For attraction of tourists and for decoration of the city 14 anamorphosis drawings are placed in the territory of Bezier. These optical illusions located on pavements, sidewalks and squares are drawn in such a way that creates illusory prospect and also draws special attention of inhabitants and tourists. Anamorphosis is created by on-stage performance group from the city of Montpellier. Creation of the drawings borrows the master artist from one to two days.

Projects on offenses prevention 
On September 17 of this year in the art gallery of the sister city of Des Moines public hearings at which programs and projects on prevention of violence and improvement of interaction with law enforcement agencies were submitted for discussion of the public. Participants of the event had an opportunity to discuss each idea, express the opinion and choose the best. The Bridging the Gap project assuming an integrated approach to the solution of problems at interaction of the management of the city, representatives of business community and the public was submitted. The projects with the maximum number of votes will be submitted for consideration of Des Moines City Council.

Military trainings at the universities 
Since the beginning of the academic year the program for military training of freshmen has started at the universities of the sister city of Zhenjiang. Studies will be continued within two weeks. During this time students will get acquainted with many aspects of military science and issues of national defense, will be engaged in sports trainings. Participation in actions will promote integration of pupils in public life of the university. 

Anniversary festival "Rural Life and Traditions" 
In the capital of Armenia there has taken place the 5th anniversary festival "Rural Life and Traditions". Within the program of actions the wide range of farmer products of more than 200 local and foreign producers has been presented to inhabitants and guests of Yerevan. This year representatives of Georgia, Iran, Lebanon participated in the festival. The "Organic Armenia" pavilions presenting organic agriculture of Armenia were of particular interest. The festival promoted not only new business contacts and exchange of work experience, but also further development of tourism.

Visit of students from South Korea
Since 1999 twinning relations of the cities of Namyangdzhu, South Korea, and Changzhou in the sphere of economy, trade, culture and education have been successfully developing. Interaction in the sphere of youth educational exchanges is effectively carried out. In September of this year Changzhou was visited by group of 16 pupils of the city of Namyangdzhu. Within the visit school students have examined educational process in educational institutions, have participated in a flag raising ceremony, master classes in calligraphy and national dishes cooking, and have visited local sights and the museums. The leaders of the sister city of Changzhou paid special attention to the importance of establishment of friendly contacts among younger generation as future messengers of friendship.


Large ecological action

On September 15 of this year the ecological action in collecting of garbage "Clean Bulgaria together" started in the sister city of Pazardzhik. It is one of the largest volunteer projects in Bulgaria directed to improvement of an ecological situation in the country. Just in the region of Pazardzhik 80 objects for cleaning are defined: historical and cultural monuments, forest territories, stadiums, resort areas, squares, playgrounds, etc. 

European days of historical heritage

In the sister city of Bezier the European days of historical heritage will take place from September 15 to September 16, 2018. In this regard free visit of public historical buildings, parks, theaters, museums, libraries is provided. The eventful program of city actions is planned including meetings with the famous writers, artists and sculptors, and thematic conferences. In cathedrals and churches excursions, concerts of classical music and church singing, a photo exhibit will be organized. 

Junior Olympic Games of the Union of amateur athletes

In the sister city of Des Moines the Junior Olympic Games-2018 organized by the Union of amateur athletes came to the end. This year about 14000 young athletes from all the USA took part in fifteen sports competitions: track and field athletics, rope jumping, fight, swimming, field hockey, tae kwon do, karate, etc. Competitions were followed by a multidimensional entertainment program. The action is organized in the capital of the State of Iowa for the fifth time and enjoys interest of inhabitants, and city visitors.

Celebration of the Teachers' Day

September 10 of this year in China is traditionally celebrated in honor of all educators. As the public holiday the Teachers' Day was recognized in 1985. In Zhenjiang festive events were held, awards ceremonies of the best representatives of this profession were organized. Pupils thanked teachers and prepared creative congratulations. the most interesting was  "The most beautiful teacher" competition with its winner Zhenjiang pupils took pictures with pleasure.

Photo exhibition "Yerevan from the eyes of residents" 

At the beginning of September of this year in the foyer of the mayor's office of the sister city of Yerevan the photo exhibition "Yerevan from the eyes of residents" devoted to 2800-year anniversary of foundation of the capital of Armenia was opened. At a ceremony of opening there were city leaders and famous artists, photographers and the invited guests. The pictures of Yerevan taken at different times are presented at an exhibition. 

Best demonstration platforms of production services

The commission on development and reforms of the Province of Jiangsu announced the best demonstration platforms of production services which had included four industrial parks of the city of Changzhou. On the basis of innovative industrial zones the continuous process  with various production phases and further product sales including design, testing, certification, research and development, production, management, financing, logistics, sale and also training of professionals is created. More than one thousand companies of various fields of activity are involved in clusters.


Exhibition in the city of Pazardzhik

In Nicol Furnadzhiyev regional library of the sister city of Pazardzhik there was an opening of the exhibition devoted to the 85 anniversary of the famous Bulgarian historian, the Honorable Pazardzhik Citizen Alexander Arnaudov at which scientific works and articles of the author were presented. Throughout a long time the local historian worked in the Regional historical museum, researched cultural heritage of the region. A. Arnaudov is a coauthor of the encyclopedia "Pazardzhik", awarded with the order of Kirill and Mefodiy of Republic of Bulgaria.

Events of "Avenues of Associations of the City of Bezier"

The annual city-wide campaign of "Avenues of associations of the city of Bezier" will take place on September 8 of this year on Paul's Avenues Rick. This year representatives of 270 associations of the city of Bezier will show the achievements in the welfare sphere and also in the field of environment protection. In the program of actions there will be the speech of the mayor Bezier, acquaintance with information placed at stands of associations and also various performances and the presentations. Also in the city hall "Zinga Zanga" a concert of orchestra of John Seyntbor will be held. 

Graduation Walk program

In the sister city of Des Moines the socially oriented program "Graduation Walk" directed to motivation of graduates of schools and pupils who dropped schools to receiving further education is implemented. During the project meetings with members of Des Moines City council, representatives of municipality and business communities with pupils of middle and high school are organized within which they will discuss need of further education and possible ways of support, for example, granting soft loans on training. Also about 300 volunteers and 150 pupils of Des Moines public schools will visit families of students for holding preventive talks.

"Great Process" photo exhibition

At the end of August of this year in the main library of the sister city of Zhenjiang the photo exhibition "Great Process" devoted to the 40 anniversary of reforms and openness in People's Republic of China was opened. On the exposition there are achievements of China, in economy and culture, public affairs for the last forty years. Special attention is paid to the prospects of further development and also influence of reforms on the Chinese society.  

Events devoted to the beginning of school year 

On Knowledge Day at all municipal schools of the sister city of Yerevan festive actions were organized. On the occasion of the 1st of September the mayor's office of Yerevan prepared an excursion on sights of the capital of Armenia. there was also an entertainment music and sport program.
Participation in the competition "WorldSkills"

At the end of August of this year in the sister city of Changzhou two colleges were selected as national educational bases for preparation for 45 World Championship on professional skill "WorldSkills". Only 7 students from Changzhou are in National training team of China. In Changzhou Technician College the industrial machinery assembly project will be made. On the basis of Jiangsu Urban and Rural Construction College concrete construction projects will be developed. The international competition in which young professionals from around the world participate will take place in Kazan in 2019.


The sports achievements of the sister city of Pazardzhik

The World Championship on majorettes sport took place in the period from 21 to 25 August, 2018 in the city of Prague (Czech Republic). Representatives from Bulgaria, Russia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland and other countries took part in the competition. More than a thousand numbers of the contest program were presented to the jury. The performance of the sportsmen of the club "Mystery" of the city of Pazardzhik was at the very high level. Despite the great competition the representatives of the sister city became world champions on majorettes sport. The winners of the competitions were awarded with diplomas and memorable souvenirs.

Cultural and sport events in Beziers

The sport and cultural life of the sister city of Beziers is dynamic and diverse.
The famous group of bikers "Brescoudos" will visit the city and perform with a motor show on the Alleys of Paul Riquet on September 1, 2018.
The exhibition of the artist Henri Tevio will open in Beziers in the period from 03 to 15 September during which the artist will present his own concept of creativity.

The implementation of the project on creation safe, comfortable living environment

The project «Connect Downtown East Grand Avenue Pilot Project» aimed at creating a safer, more comfortable and affordable living environment is being implemented on the initiative of the City Hall of the sister city of Des Moines. The main objectives of the project are optimization the routes for all kind of transport, improving roads and sidewalks, creating new parking spaces. A special attention is paid to the safety of cyclists and pedestrians as well as to the reduction of transit time through the city center.

The measures on evacuation abandoned vehicles

A number of measures on solving important for China problem of abandoned vehicles which hamper traffic, clutter streets and parking spaces, impair the ecology and image of the city were realized in the sister city of Zhenjiang. To solve this problem in Zhenjiang the evacuation of unclaimed cars from traffic areas was organized and parking spaces were inspected. Some cars will be sold at auction.

The gift of the Japanese artist on the occasion of 2800th anniversary of Yerevan 

According to the request of the representatives of Yerevan a well-known Japanese professor, artist Kunito Nagaoka, who arrived on the occasion of the 2800th anniversary of the capital of Armenia, made a copy of the Urartian cuneiform. This cuneiform is a "passport" of Yerevan and is kept in the historical and archaeological museum "Erebuni". A copy of one of the ancient khachkars (a stone stela with a carved cross image) which are kept in the museum of the history of Yerevan was also made with the use of traditional Chinese techniques, in addition to cuneiform. The Japanese art critic noted that the ancient values of Yerevan are unique works of art. The professor presented copies of cuneiform and khachkar to the Yerevan history museum and the historical and archaeological museum "Erebuni".

The Harvest Festival

The Chinese government announced the Harvest Festival, which will be held on the Day of Autumn Equinox (September 23). A lot of events and exhibitions will be organized in the sister city of Changzhou within the framework of which it is planned to demonstrate the harvest of agricultural products, the last achievements in the field of agriculture as well as the creativity of modern farmers. It is expected that the agricultural event will attract great attention to the conduct of agricultural work, accelerate the implementation of the strategy of agricultural development in China and will contribute to strengthening the viability of rural areas.


Music festival in Pazardzhik

With the financial support of the municipality of the Pazardzhik Community in the period from September 7 to September 9, 2018  the V music festival "Plus Festival" will be held in the sister city, in which famous musicians of Bulgaria will take part. During the existence of the festival more than 100 foreign and Bulgarian performers participated in it. 250 volunteers took part in the preparation and organization. Concerts were attended by more than 20 thousand residents and guests of the sister city.

Festive events devoted to Bezier's freedom from fascist troops

In the city of Bezier the festive events devoted to freedom of the city from fascist troops in the years of the II World War were organized on August 22, 2018. In the city park "Plateau of Poets" there was a wreath-laying ceremony to the stele to the civil victims of war. For inhabitants and city visitors festivities were organized. There were salutes in the evening sky.

International Food and Music Festival 

During the period from September 14 to September 16, 2018 in the sister city of Des Moines there will be the XIV annual international festival which unites producers of food and musicians from 25 countries of the world and regions of the country. More than 50 suppliers of food products will participate in an action. Shows of the famous musicians and also concerts of the popular local groups and ensembles presenting authentic music will take place. Within the charity event participants of the festival will prepare more than 60 000 sets of products to be transferred to the families in difficult life situations.

Reconstruction of educational institutions 

In the sister city of Zhenjiang large-scale reconstruction of educational institutions is carried out. The territory of elementary and high schools is improved. Much attention is paid to gardening, arrangement of sports grounds and stadiums, re-equipment of creative workshops. Also office buildings and educational classes are repaired. All repair work is planned to finish by September, 2018. 

The Best Sports Family competition 2018

In the sister city of Yerevan at the main stadium of Tsakhkadzorsky Olympic sport center the Best Sports Family competition 2018 was held, in which victory was won the seventh year in a row by team of the capital of Armenia. When summing up competitions the importance of participation of athletes with limited capacities was emphasized. Participants of competitions from the different cities of the country were awarded by certificates of honor and souvenirs. The cup of the winner was transferred to storage to the museum of history of Yerevan.

"Root Seeking" Summer Camp 

In the sister city of Changzhou the 11-day-long "Root Seeking" Summer Camp came to the end. A main objective of the project is attraction to national culture as the basis of education of younger generation in China. For the last eight years the international summer camp has accepted more than 600 foreign teenagers of the Chinese origin. Participants of the program get acquainted with history of the people and cultural traditions, visit local sights, the museums, exhibitions and theaters.


International Badminton Tournament

In the period from 09 to 12 August of this year in the sister city of Pazardzhik the 11th International Badminton Tournament was held. The organizers of the event were the municipality of the Pazardzhik Community, the National Badminton Federation and the sister city badminton sports club. More than 160 athletes from twenty-five countries took part in the competition. The greatest number of medals was won by athletes from Russia.

Sunday organ concerts

‘Friends of Organ Music’ Association of the sister city of Beziers organized weekly Sunday organ concerts in the cathedral of Saint Nazaire. Famous French organists from Paris, Toulouse, Montpellier and Bézier are taking part in the concerts of this event. They have proved themselves at the national and international levels. Organ compositions will be accompanied by a clarinet and a trumpet.

Farm Market Week
In order to develop small business in the city of Des Moines, the traditional opening of the "week of farming markets" took place. This event allows the novice entrepreneurs to establish connection with farms, and the farm owners to find new suppliers for the sale of products. The increase in demand for products of this type of production allows supporting more than 165 thousand small and medium-sized farms throughout the country.

Road route Guangtan reconstruction is over

In the sister city of Zhenjiang, the reconstruction of the road route of Guangtan, connecting the cities of Shanghai and Zhenjiang, is completed. The length of the route about 5 km and it has eight lanes in both directions. The design of the road does not provide for the establishment of traffic lights what and the traffic is high-speed. In order to safely move in the dark, the roadside is brightly lit.

International Youth Day celebration

Within the framework of the program "Yerevan Summer 2018" in the sister city of Yerevan, the International Youth Day was celebrated. The City Hall administration organized a disco "Young Yerevan", as well as a contest-festival in which famous pop singers and dance ensembles from Georgia, Russia and Iran took part. For spectators who took part in the event games there were offered some tours to famous resorts of Armenia.

Innovative technology introduction

In order to ensure safety in the sister city of Changzhou, an innovative face recognition system was installed at railway stations. This advanced system allows police units to receive alerts about wanted persons within 10 minutes after they hit the camera lens. Innovative technology significantly contributes to the work of local authorities, as well as the police.


Annual table tennis tournament

In the period from August 14 to 19 of this year in the city of Panagyurishche (Pazardzhik region) the IV tournament "Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour" on table tennis, organized by the Ministry of Physical Education and Sport of the Republic of Bulgaria will be held. Among the participants will be sportsmen from China, Japan and Germany, as well as the representatives of Bulgaria. The prize fund of the tournament is 160 thousand US dollars.

"Feria" traditional holiday

In the period from 10 to 15 August of 2018 in the city of Beziers will be a traditional holiday "Feria", this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. For the program of the event theatrical and musical-equestrian processions, in which the riders from Andalusia (Spain), as well as parades of brass bands and folklore groups are planned. Within the framework of the holiday there will be organized attractions, exhibitions of books and autographs of famous people, traditional bullfight. On numerous venues there will be concerts with the participation of French and foreign stars, "fiery" shows. For the Beziers and guests of the city, a flamenco festival and traditional folk dances will be organized. In the end of "Feria" there will be a spectacular festive firework.

Annual jazz festival

In the framework of the Labour Day, the third annual jazz festival will take place in the sister city of Des Moines. The main goal of the event is to get acquainted with the creativity of the legendary artists, as well as the development of the jazz musical sphere among the young generation. During the festival, well-known national jazz performers, as well as local city groups will perform. This event will be attended by both residents of the city, and numerous tourists.

District reconsruction works

In order to improve the environment, Zhenjiang sister city is working to beautify the scenic area at the foot of Nanshan Mountain. A number of cement plants and quarries have been moved and closed, and trees are being planted on nearby land plots. Mount Nianshan, which is called the "green lungs" of Zhenjiang city, is already available for organizing outdoor activities.

"Yerevan TARAZfest" city festival

In order to develop tourism, as well as to spread the national items, the 4th Yerevan TARAZfest city festival took place in the sister city of Yerevan. During the first stage of the event, an exhibition-fair was organized, in the second stage there were presented collections of Taraz, Armenian women's costumes created by famous designers. The city festival was ended by a stage ballet production and performances of ethnic musician groups.

Forum on the robot industry development

In the sister city of Changzhou there was held a forum on the robot industry development, in which more than 300 experts, scientists and entrepreneurs of this area took part. The main goal of the event is to contribute to the development of the national high-tech industrial zone in Changzhou. The forum consisted of three stages: discussing aspects of the national policy for the welding robot industry development, as well as an overview of industry development trends and user needs, and the final stage was covering the latest research results.


European Championship in ship modeling

In the period from 23 to 29, June of this year in the sister city of Pazardzhik the 20th European Championship in ship modeling was held. Representatives of the countries of the near abroad and Europe, including the countries of Russia, Germany, Hungary, England, Armenia, Ukraine, Switzerland took part in the competition. The official grand opening ceremony was held in the city park "Svoboda" on July 24 of 2018. Ship models of Russian and Bulgarian participants showed high results, developing speed up to 270 km / h. The winners of the championship were the representatives of Russia. They set world record and won gold and silver medals in several nominations.

 Light and music fountain

 As a result of large-scale restoration works on the square of Jean Jaures, the light and music fountain was placed in the sister city of Beziers. This construction is equipped with the latest equipment and is capable of demonstrating various water figures which are painted in different colors with help of the spotlights. Water mirror with an area of ​​350 square meters is animated by fifty water jets, rising to a height of 6 meters. In combination with the speakers this design demonstrates a spectacular show for residents and visitors of the city in the evening.


Construction of a specialized clinic


The Council of State Medical Institutions approved a project for the construction of the first clinic for patients with mental disorders in the sister city of Des Moines. The new institution will help people of all age categories. The treatment will be aimed at stabilizing the mental state of patients for their further transfer to specialized medical institutions or home environment. Work on 100-bed freestanding behavioral health hospital is scheduled for April 2019.

 Ecotourism development

In order to develop rural ecotourism, Zhenjiang sister city organized a "weekend" program. For outdoor recreation, people from nearby cities come to the foot of the Maoshan Mountain on the outskirts of the city of Zhenjiang. The program of entertainment of various games in the open air, gathering of grapes, a meal on farmer sites. Recently, when this weekend program is gaining popularity among tourists.

 Holding a city sport festival

Yerevan City Hall summarized the results of the city sports festival "Healthy generation is a protected motherland". To participate in the event, thanks to the cooperation of the Yerevan Municipality with the Paralympic Committee of Armenia and the Union of Disabled People of Armenia "Pyunik", a team of hockey players with physical disabilities was formed, the demonstration competitions of which took place at the sports school of figure skating. The winners were awarded with the Yerevan Mayor's Cup. Within the framework of the programme "Yerevan Summer 2018" the city administration attaches particular importance to the participation in sports competitions of persons with disabilities.

 Ecologically dangerous zones

The Government of Jiangsu Province announced protection of the ecologically dangerous "red" zones, nine of which are in the sister city of Changzhou. These areas are the most environmentally vulnerable and require special conditions for environment preservation. The most critical problems in such areas are water and soil pollution, which indicates an urgent task of protecting their ecological status. According to the decision of the State Council of China, the plan to clean up the zones of the increased level of the country's territory should be developed by the end of 2020.


Participation in the International Children's Festival "Poseidonia"

With the financial support of the municipality of the Pazardzhik Community in the period from 18 to 21, July of this year "Chudesia" ensemble of the sister city of Pazardzhik took part in the International Children's Festival "Poseidonia" in Greece. The event was attended by creative teams from Bulgaria, China, India, Brazil, Israel, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia and Greece. The ensemble members of the sister city took the first place of the event and represented their country at high level. 

City light show

In the period from July 6 to August 26 of this year in the sister city of  Beziers, traditional "Sound and Light" show beloved by citizens and tourists is continuing its work. This year the innovative part of the show devoted to various historical periods of the city is live actors. Shooting with the participation of people was conducted on a monophonic green background and subsequently were "applied" on the displayed "pictures". With help of spectacular lighting effects in 4D format, using the latest video display technologies, the facade of Madeleine Church will become a "screen" three times a week.

Opening of Chamness Biodegradables Company

In the sister city of Des Moines there is an opening of Chamness Biodegradables company, involved in the production of utensils, which are completely biodegradable. The company, which is one of the best in the world market, announced the dislocation to Iowa state. In this connection, jobs will be created in the city of Des Moines, allowing research and the latest developments in the field of biodegradable material to help in environmental conservation. The change of location will also entail an increase in the volume of production and product marketing. That will have a positive impact on the sister city economy.

Aviation science classes

In order to strengthen the interaction with local residents, as well as to familiarize students of educational institutions with unmanned aerial vehicles in the sister city of Zhenjiang, a free course in aviation will be held. Students from the Jiangsu Provincial Aviation Technology Institute organized the first meeting with students and teachers interested in this topic. In the future, it is planned to organize classes every weekend for several months for everyone willing to attend.

Traditional watermelon festival

Within the framework of the Yerevan Mayor's three-month programme "Yerevan Summer 2018" on the territory of the Swan Lake, the traditional watermelon festival was held. This year it was dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of the founding of Armenia capital. In pavilions of the administrative districts, carving specialists presented interesting options for watermelon design. Also quiz games were organized, the winners of which received gifts from Yerevan municipality and partner organizations. The festival was accompanied by a concert program with the participation of well-known performers.

South Railway Road

The new railway route of Jiangsu Province will connect the sister city of Changzhou with the cities of Nanjing, Jianmin, and Zhenjiang. The feasibility study of the Southern Railway project, which allows the train to speed up to 350 km / h, was approved by the relevant authorities. Construction work is planned for early September and will last for four years. This process will significantly shorten the time spent on movement.


Participation in the International Folklore Festival

In the period fr om 09 to 15, July of this year a team of the dance ensemble "Childhood" of the sister city of Pazardzhik participated in the International Folklore Festival, which took place in Podgorica (Montenegro). In total, fourteen creative teams from Europe participated in the event. The ensemble of the sister city was awarded with a special prize in terms of  presenting the jury traditional dances of all regions of Bulgaria. Representatives of Pazardzhik city also took part in official meetings with the city leadership and the head of the European Uni on delegation.

Electric minibus

In the period from 01 to 15, July of this year in the sister city of Beziers a minibus for passenger transportation created using the latest technology will run along a short route. The basis of the work of this vehicle with a capacity of 12 passengers is an electrical supply with automatic control. The minibus is provided to the sister city by "CarPostal"  company for testing, during which the presence of an operator is needed. Such environmentally friendly transport is the future of the city.

Release of the regional music album

In order to promote the development of young talents, as well as the presentation of a wide variety of musical trends in the sister city of Des Moines, the selection of musical compositions by local groups and artists for the fourth Iowa regional album was completed. The choice was made in the following order: originality of lyrical compositions, quality of performance, public activity of musicians in the local community. For the albums, 13 compositions were selected, which will be presented at the city events, including the forthcoming annual Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Annual Convention of Des Moines.

Competition of "intelligent cars"

In the sports exhibition complex of the sister city of Zhenjiang, a demonstration of "intelligent cars" took place. More than a thousand of students from colleges of the eastern part of the country took part in the competition. It consisted of three stages: test, preliminary and final, wh ere the participants presented their works in several nominations. This event allowed to get acquainted with the device of the "intelligent car", and also to sel ect the best participants to promote the development of young talents.

Exhibition "Visit Yerevan-2800"

Within the framework of the program of events dedicated to the celebration of the 2800th anniversary of the sister city of Yerevan, the opening ceremony of "Visit Yerevan-2800" exhibition was held in the central library and the art center of American city of Glendale, California. The main aim of this event is to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the development of the ancient city, as well as to invite those wishing to celebrate the anniversary of the Yerevan founding. The exposition presented 50 photographs of the city of Armenia from 19th to 20th century, as well as modern images of the city. Specially for the exhibition, copies of past centuries photographs which were kept in the Yerevan History Museum were made.

Innovative pharmaceutical project

In the sister city of Changzhou, the development of an innovative pharmaceutical project is completed. It is planned to be created in the city industrial park "Life and Health". According to the production program total investment of the project is 3 billion of yuan. These funds will be used in the development, production and sale of biological and chemical products. Also the leadership of the city is developing about 20 municipal projects for urban development.


Archaeological excavations

In the period from July 11 to August 20 of this year with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Regional Historical Museum of Pazardzhik and the Association "Balkan Heritage" there will be conducted archaeological excavations of the ancient burial on the territory of one of the unique historical sites located in the sister city of Pazardzhik. In the course of previous studies on the territory of this European heritage monument, samples of processed gold dating from 4,600 BC were found. That indicates the early extraction of gold and copper on the territory of Bulgaria. In addition, for the first time volunteers from cities of foreign countries will also take part in excavations.

Performance of children's choirs

From 8 to 10, July of this year in the sister city of Beziers there arrived 19 children's choruses of France with a total of 450 people. Children were on the way to Barcelona to participate in the international festival of children's choirs "Little Singers". Young singers took part in three free concerts for residents and visitors of the city of Beziers, held in the cathedral of Saint Nazaire, as well as in the open air. The performance of the children's choirs was a great success.

Competition for the creation of a short film

For further participation in the International Film Competition, the regional stage of the competition of cinema lovers will take place in the sister city of Des Moines. Within 48 hours participants need to make a film with 4-7 minutes duration on a certain topic in accordance with the genre and characters indicated. The best short film will be presented at the international stage of the contest, 12 winners of which will take part in the Cannes Film Festival.

Charity events

In order to conduct research and practical training on the territory of professional college for the practice of aviation specialists, in the sister city of Zhenjiang there was completed the installation of a Boeing 737-300 airplane simulator. Special attention has been paid to the use of large-sized aircraft for the preparation of students and qualified specialists since the foundation of the college.

Celebration of the Vardavar holiday 

On July the 8th of this year within the framework of the national holiday Vardavar, known for its custom of mutual water spilling, the mayor's office of the sister city of Yerevan organized a number of events on the Swan Lake. By tradition, the necessary equipment for water games and competitions were created, also a parade of watering machines was held. The residents and guests of the capital became the immediate participants of the Vardavar celebration. The events were accompanied by rhythmic music, which provided a festive atmosphere.

Participation in the Fourth China-Israel Investment Summit

Representatives of the sister city of Changzhou took part in the Fourth China-Israel Investment Summit, which took place in early July in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, South China. More than 2000 Chinese and Israeli companies were represented at the forum. Taking into account that the first experimental zone for cooperation was created by the governments of the two countries in Changzhou - the Israel Innovation Park in Changzhou, participation in joint seminars and meetings provided an opportunity to establish business contacts and discuss topical issues in the field of intellectual production, digital economy, biomedicine, Smart City creation and intellectual property rights.

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