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Annual table tennis tournament

In the period from August 14 to 19 of this year in the city of Panagyurishche (Pazardzhik region) the IV tournament "Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour" on table tennis, organized by the Ministry of Physical Education and Sport of the Republic of Bulgaria will be held. Among the participants will be sportsmen from China, Japan and Germany, as well as the representatives of Bulgaria. The prize fund of the tournament is 160 thousand US dollars.

"Feria" traditional holiday

In the period from 10 to 15 August of 2018 in the city of Beziers will be a traditional holiday "Feria", this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. For the program of the event theatrical and musical-equestrian processions, in which the riders from Andalusia (Spain), as well as parades of brass bands and folklore groups are planned. Within the framework of the holiday there will be organized attractions, exhibitions of books and autographs of famous people, traditional bullfight. On numerous venues there will be concerts with the participation of French and foreign stars, "fiery" shows. For the Beziers and guests of the city, a flamenco festival and traditional folk dances will be organized. In the end of "Feria" there will be a spectacular festive firework.

Annual jazz festival

In the framework of the Labour Day, the third annual jazz festival will take place in the sister city of Des Moines. The main goal of the event is to get acquainted with the creativity of the legendary artists, as well as the development of the jazz musical sphere among the young generation. During the festival, well-known national jazz performers, as well as local city groups will perform. This event will be attended by both residents of the city, and numerous tourists.

District reconsruction works

In order to improve the environment, Zhenjiang sister city is working to beautify the scenic area at the foot of Nanshan Mountain. A number of cement plants and quarries have been moved and closed, and trees are being planted on nearby land plots. Mount Nianshan, which is called the "green lungs" of Zhenjiang city, is already available for organizing outdoor activities.

"Yerevan TARAZfest" city festival

In order to develop tourism, as well as to spread the national items, the 4th Yerevan TARAZfest city festival took place in the sister city of Yerevan. During the first stage of the event, an exhibition-fair was organized, in the second stage there were presented collections of Taraz, Armenian women's costumes created by famous designers. The city festival was ended by a stage ballet production and performances of ethnic musician groups.

Forum on the robot industry development

In the sister city of Changzhou there was held a forum on the robot industry development, in which more than 300 experts, scientists and entrepreneurs of this area took part. The main goal of the event is to contribute to the development of the national high-tech industrial zone in Changzhou. The forum consisted of three stages: discussing aspects of the national policy for the welding robot industry development, as well as an overview of industry development trends and user needs, and the final stage was covering the latest research results.


European Championship in ship modeling

In the period from 23 to 29, June of this year in the sister city of Pazardzhik the 20th European Championship in ship modeling was held. Representatives of the countries of the near abroad and Europe, including the countries of Russia, Germany, Hungary, England, Armenia, Ukraine, Switzerland took part in the competition. The official grand opening ceremony was held in the city park "Svoboda" on July 24 of 2018. Ship models of Russian and Bulgarian participants showed high results, developing speed up to 270 km / h. The winners of the championship were the representatives of Russia. They set world record and won gold and silver medals in several nominations.

 Light and music fountain

 As a result of large-scale restoration works on the square of Jean Jaures, the light and music fountain was placed in the sister city of Beziers. This construction is equipped with the latest equipment and is capable of demonstrating various water figures which are painted in different colors with help of the spotlights. Water mirror with an area of ​​350 square meters is animated by fifty water jets, rising to a height of 6 meters. In combination with the speakers this design demonstrates a spectacular show for residents and visitors of the city in the evening.


Construction of a specialized clinic


The Council of State Medical Institutions approved a project for the construction of the first clinic for patients with mental disorders in the sister city of Des Moines. The new institution will help people of all age categories. The treatment will be aimed at stabilizing the mental state of patients for their further transfer to specialized medical institutions or home environment. Work on 100-bed freestanding behavioral health hospital is scheduled for April 2019.

 Ecotourism development

In order to develop rural ecotourism, Zhenjiang sister city organized a "weekend" program. For outdoor recreation, people from nearby cities come to the foot of the Maoshan Mountain on the outskirts of the city of Zhenjiang. The program of entertainment of various games in the open air, gathering of grapes, a meal on farmer sites. Recently, when this weekend program is gaining popularity among tourists.

 Holding a city sport festival

Yerevan City Hall summarized the results of the city sports festival "Healthy generation is a protected motherland". To participate in the event, thanks to the cooperation of the Yerevan Municipality with the Paralympic Committee of Armenia and the Union of Disabled People of Armenia "Pyunik", a team of hockey players with physical disabilities was formed, the demonstration competitions of which took place at the sports school of figure skating. The winners were awarded with the Yerevan Mayor's Cup. Within the framework of the programme "Yerevan Summer 2018" the city administration attaches particular importance to the participation in sports competitions of persons with disabilities.

 Ecologically dangerous zones

The Government of Jiangsu Province announced protection of the ecologically dangerous "red" zones, nine of which are in the sister city of Changzhou. These areas are the most environmentally vulnerable and require special conditions for environment preservation. The most critical problems in such areas are water and soil pollution, which indicates an urgent task of protecting their ecological status. According to the decision of the State Council of China, the plan to clean up the zones of the increased level of the country's territory should be developed by the end of 2020.


Participation in the International Children's Festival "Poseidonia"

With the financial support of the municipality of the Pazardzhik Community in the period from 18 to 21, July of this year "Chudesia" ensemble of the sister city of Pazardzhik took part in the International Children's Festival "Poseidonia" in Greece. The event was attended by creative teams from Bulgaria, China, India, Brazil, Israel, Serbia, Armenia, Georgia and Greece. The ensemble members of the sister city took the first place of the event and represented their country at high level. 

City light show

In the period from July 6 to August 26 of this year in the sister city of  Beziers, traditional "Sound and Light" show beloved by citizens and tourists is continuing its work. This year the innovative part of the show devoted to various historical periods of the city is live actors. Shooting with the participation of people was conducted on a monophonic green background and subsequently were "applied" on the displayed "pictures". With help of spectacular lighting effects in 4D format, using the latest video display technologies, the facade of Madeleine Church will become a "screen" three times a week.

Opening of Chamness Biodegradables Company

In the sister city of Des Moines there is an opening of Chamness Biodegradables company, involved in the production of utensils, which are completely biodegradable. The company, which is one of the best in the world market, announced the dislocation to Iowa state. In this connection, jobs will be created in the city of Des Moines, allowing research and the latest developments in the field of biodegradable material to help in environmental conservation. The change of location will also entail an increase in the volume of production and product marketing. That will have a positive impact on the sister city economy.

Aviation science classes

In order to strengthen the interaction with local residents, as well as to familiarize students of educational institutions with unmanned aerial vehicles in the sister city of Zhenjiang, a free course in aviation will be held. Students from the Jiangsu Provincial Aviation Technology Institute organized the first meeting with students and teachers interested in this topic. In the future, it is planned to organize classes every weekend for several months for everyone willing to attend.

Traditional watermelon festival

Within the framework of the Yerevan Mayor's three-month programme "Yerevan Summer 2018" on the territory of the Swan Lake, the traditional watermelon festival was held. This year it was dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of the founding of Armenia capital. In pavilions of the administrative districts, carving specialists presented interesting options for watermelon design. Also quiz games were organized, the winners of which received gifts from Yerevan municipality and partner organizations. The festival was accompanied by a concert program with the participation of well-known performers.

South Railway Road

The new railway route of Jiangsu Province will connect the sister city of Changzhou with the cities of Nanjing, Jianmin, and Zhenjiang. The feasibility study of the Southern Railway project, which allows the train to speed up to 350 km / h, was approved by the relevant authorities. Construction work is planned for early September and will last for four years. This process will significantly shorten the time spent on movement.


Participation in the International Folklore Festival

In the period fr om 09 to 15, July of this year a team of the dance ensemble "Childhood" of the sister city of Pazardzhik participated in the International Folklore Festival, which took place in Podgorica (Montenegro). In total, fourteen creative teams from Europe participated in the event. The ensemble of the sister city was awarded with a special prize in terms of  presenting the jury traditional dances of all regions of Bulgaria. Representatives of Pazardzhik city also took part in official meetings with the city leadership and the head of the European Uni on delegation.

Electric minibus

In the period from 01 to 15, July of this year in the sister city of Beziers a minibus for passenger transportation created using the latest technology will run along a short route. The basis of the work of this vehicle with a capacity of 12 passengers is an electrical supply with automatic control. The minibus is provided to the sister city by "CarPostal"  company for testing, during which the presence of an operator is needed. Such environmentally friendly transport is the future of the city.

Release of the regional music album

In order to promote the development of young talents, as well as the presentation of a wide variety of musical trends in the sister city of Des Moines, the selection of musical compositions by local groups and artists for the fourth Iowa regional album was completed. The choice was made in the following order: originality of lyrical compositions, quality of performance, public activity of musicians in the local community. For the albums, 13 compositions were selected, which will be presented at the city events, including the forthcoming annual Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Annual Convention of Des Moines.

Competition of "intelligent cars"

In the sports exhibition complex of the sister city of Zhenjiang, a demonstration of "intelligent cars" took place. More than a thousand of students from colleges of the eastern part of the country took part in the competition. It consisted of three stages: test, preliminary and final, wh ere the participants presented their works in several nominations. This event allowed to get acquainted with the device of the "intelligent car", and also to sel ect the best participants to promote the development of young talents.

Exhibition "Visit Yerevan-2800"

Within the framework of the program of events dedicated to the celebration of the 2800th anniversary of the sister city of Yerevan, the opening ceremony of "Visit Yerevan-2800" exhibition was held in the central library and the art center of American city of Glendale, California. The main aim of this event is to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the development of the ancient city, as well as to invite those wishing to celebrate the anniversary of the Yerevan founding. The exposition presented 50 photographs of the city of Armenia from 19th to 20th century, as well as modern images of the city. Specially for the exhibition, copies of past centuries photographs which were kept in the Yerevan History Museum were made.

Innovative pharmaceutical project

In the sister city of Changzhou, the development of an innovative pharmaceutical project is completed. It is planned to be created in the city industrial park "Life and Health". According to the production program total investment of the project is 3 billion of yuan. These funds will be used in the development, production and sale of biological and chemical products. Also the leadership of the city is developing about 20 municipal projects for urban development.


Archaeological excavations

In the period from July 11 to August 20 of this year with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Regional Historical Museum of Pazardzhik and the Association "Balkan Heritage" there will be conducted archaeological excavations of the ancient burial on the territory of one of the unique historical sites located in the sister city of Pazardzhik. In the course of previous studies on the territory of this European heritage monument, samples of processed gold dating from 4,600 BC were found. That indicates the early extraction of gold and copper on the territory of Bulgaria. In addition, for the first time volunteers from cities of foreign countries will also take part in excavations.

Performance of children's choirs

From 8 to 10, July of this year in the sister city of Beziers there arrived 19 children's choruses of France with a total of 450 people. Children were on the way to Barcelona to participate in the international festival of children's choirs "Little Singers". Young singers took part in three free concerts for residents and visitors of the city of Beziers, held in the cathedral of Saint Nazaire, as well as in the open air. The performance of the children's choirs was a great success.

Competition for the creation of a short film

For further participation in the International Film Competition, the regional stage of the competition of cinema lovers will take place in the sister city of Des Moines. Within 48 hours participants need to make a film with 4-7 minutes duration on a certain topic in accordance with the genre and characters indicated. The best short film will be presented at the international stage of the contest, 12 winners of which will take part in the Cannes Film Festival.

Charity events

In order to conduct research and practical training on the territory of professional college for the practice of aviation specialists, in the sister city of Zhenjiang there was completed the installation of a Boeing 737-300 airplane simulator. Special attention has been paid to the use of large-sized aircraft for the preparation of students and qualified specialists since the foundation of the college.

Celebration of the Vardavar holiday 

On July the 8th of this year within the framework of the national holiday Vardavar, known for its custom of mutual water spilling, the mayor's office of the sister city of Yerevan organized a number of events on the Swan Lake. By tradition, the necessary equipment for water games and competitions were created, also a parade of watering machines was held. The residents and guests of the capital became the immediate participants of the Vardavar celebration. The events were accompanied by rhythmic music, which provided a festive atmosphere.

Participation in the Fourth China-Israel Investment Summit

Representatives of the sister city of Changzhou took part in the Fourth China-Israel Investment Summit, which took place in early July in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, South China. More than 2000 Chinese and Israeli companies were represented at the forum. Taking into account that the first experimental zone for cooperation was created by the governments of the two countries in Changzhou - the Israel Innovation Park in Changzhou, participation in joint seminars and meetings provided an opportunity to establish business contacts and discuss topical issues in the field of intellectual production, digital economy, biomedicine, Smart City creation and intellectual property rights.


The opening of photos exhibition in Pazardzhik

The city of Pazardzhik takes an active part in the International photography festival. As part of the event the official opening ceremony of the exhibition "XIII inspiration" of the famous Bulgarian photographer Vili Todorova was held in the art gallery "Boev" of the sister city on July 4 this year. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the municipality of the Community Pazardzhik, chairman of the National Academy of Photography of Republic of Bulgaria, residents and guests of the sister city.

Decoration of Beziers streets

The project on decoration e the streets of Beziers with colorful umbrellas, which was first realized in 2016, was changed by city designers. Now the central streets of Bezier, become favorite places among tourists, will be decorated with bright colored lampshades. In the evening the lampshades will bright, creating more cozy atmosphere. A significant change is shops on the streets with lampshades will be open once a week until 23 hours, which will increase the flow of customers.

The project on city economic development «Bridge District»

A project on city economic development city was launched in the sister city of Des Moines. The aim of the "Bridge District" project is to increase living space and create job places. After the project realization more than 10 thousand people will be able to purchase housing and have employment opportunities in the new part of the city. The implementation of this project includes buildings for large-scale celebrations, meetings, an improvement in the infrastructure of the near districts 
of the city

The construction the bridge across Yangtze River

The construction of bridge «Ufengshan» across Yangtze River takes place currently in the sister city of Zhenjiang. It is the first in China and in the world suspension bridge of dual purpose for operation in high-speed mode and under high load. The length of the bridge is 6.4 km. A two-way eight-lane highway will be built at the upper level, a calculated speed is 100 km/h, 4-track high-speed railway will be at the lower level, a calculated speed is 250 km/h. The bridge will be put into operation in 2020.

The implementation of Yerevan development programs

Currently the city of Yerevan is preparing to celebrate the 2800th anniversary, which will be held in September this year. Works on complete repairs of yards and playgrounds, improvement of streets as well as repairing of multi-apartment residential buildings are carrying out. According to the approved schedule the renovation of the Center for children and youth creativity, the construction of a new park as well as of the territory near the historical-archeological museum-reserve "Erebuni" is carrying out in the Erebuni district. It also should be noted that in the framework of three-month program "Yerevan summer-2018", started in June, July and August will be full of sports and cultural events.

The opening of Center for industrial innovations and cooperation

The Sino-German center for industrial innovation and cooperation with area 200 thousand square meters was opened in the sister city of Changzhou. About 150 German enterprises have invested in various industries in Changzhou, such as engineering, electronics, textiles. The main aim of the center is to represent the city of Changzhou as a platform for international scientific and technical developments, increase the volume of foreign investment.


Regional Council for the Development of the South Central District of the Republic of Bulgaria

On June 28 of this year in the sister city of Pazardzhik a meeting of the Regional Council for the Development of the South Central Economic Region of the Republic of Bulgaria was held. The event was attended by representatives of the ministries and departments of the Republic, municipalities, mayors of the Communities that are part of the districts, as well as representatives of the governing bodies of non-governmental organizations. Within the framework of the meeting, issues of social and economic development of the territories were discussed, and a report on the implementation of the Regional Development Plan for the South Central Economic Region for 2014-2020 was presented. Over 80 projects are implemented on the territory of the region with a total investment of 25 million euros. Also the region takes the second place in the country in terms of economic growth.

Restoration of the historic center of the city of Beziers

On June 30 of this year in the sister city of Beziers there will be a gala concert dedicated to the completion of large-scale works on the restoration of the historic center of the city. During the works on the Madeleine Square, sidewalks were expanded, olive trees were planted, tiling was performed, and the facade of the city theater was renovated. In the lower part of the alleys of Paul Riquet there is a 32-meter-high ferris wheel, where one can see the bright colors of the national flag in the evening. In addition, the reconstruction of Jean Jaures Square was completed, on which there is a water mirror measuring 350 sq. m., as well as a spectacular musical fountain equipped with the latest ecological equipment.

"Student to employer" program

In the sister city of Des Moines, a new "student to employer" program has come into effect, allowing students to gain experience through internships, as well as other kinds of professional activities: working practice, job fairs. Representatives of various companies participating in this program can invite an appropriate employee to work, guided by the requirements of the company and the presence of certain professional qualities of the student. The long-term goal of the program is to establish and develop cooperation between students and employers.

Painting of the "city cultural wall"

Within the framework of the international day against drug addiction in the sister city of Zhenjiang, a 10-meter "city cultural wall" was decorated with schoolchildren and students. The purpose of this event is to disseminate information about the consequences of drug dependence, the possibilities of preventing it, organizing preventive works, and drawing attention of the citizens to this problem.

Expansion of tourist potential

Within the framework of the Days of St. Petersburg held in the sister city of Yerevan, a round table on the topic "Yerevan-Saint Petersburg: Prospects for the Development of Urban Tourism" was organized. During the event, where the members of the official service of St. Petersburg took part, the possibilities of expanding the tourist potential of sister cities, the exchange of social advertising, the development of medical tourism and the development of other programs were discussed. In order to support the Armenian-Russian projects, there were also presented the investment opportunities of the city of Yerevan and the materials of the Center for the Development and Support of Entrepreneurship of the city of St. Petersburg .

Development of industrial robotics

In the sister city of Changzhou, the second phase of the project for the development of robotics was put into operation. In this regard, the production of industrial robots was expanded. The annual capacity of the plant in Changzhou is estimated to increase by 18 thousand units by preliminary calculations. "Yaskawa (China) Robotics Co., Ltd" is a leading Chinese company in the field of industrial robotics and mechatronics development. This project will allow the company to produce a 30,000th model of the robot for the Chinese market in July of this year, as well as to increase the total amount of investments to 45 thousand US dollars.


Concert in the city of Pazardzhik

At the invitation of the Pazardzhik Municipality on May 19, 2018, a concert of the famous American musician Craig Bailey took place in the sister city. Craig Bailey is one of the most famous musicians of New York, also a music director, an arranger, a saxophonist and a flutist leader of the famous Ray Charles orchestra. The musician was accompanied by a Bulgarian jazz trio: piano, bass and percussion instruments.
Music Festival

On June 21, 2018 the city of Beziers hosted the citywide event "Music Festival". In the framework of this event, concerts of classical music were organized at various venues of the city, as well as performances of modern musical groups in the style of rock, folk, hip-hop. A lot of attention of residents and visitors of the city was attracted by the theatrical procession with the performance of Latin American dances. The results of the contest called "Opening" were also summed up, the winners received cash prizes.

"Zero Waste" programme

For several years, within the framework of the Festival of Arts in the sister city of Des Moines, the "Zero Waste" initiative is being held. In 2018, the aim of the programme is to create the most effective utilization of waste during the festival. There are organized 17 garbage collection stations where groups of volunteers participate and disposable utensils made of compostable and recyclable materials are used. All necessary printing is carried out on the recycled paper, also the registration of participants and the work of the jury passes exclusively online. In 2017 the Festival of Arts was awarded as the most ambitious event, successfully realizing this initiative.

Charity events

On June 17 of this year residents of the sister city of Zhenjiang together with the  volunteers of the University of Science and Technology of Jiangsu organized an action aimed at attracting the younger generation to participate in charity. There were held joint master classes on preparation of traditional national dumplings, which were then handed over to people with disabilities and pensioners.

Opening of  the "Fresco"international festival 

Within the framework of the three-month program of the Yerevan Mayor city council "Yerevan Summer 2018" in the capital of Armenia there will be the opening of the fifth international festival of contemporary art and spiritual films "Fresco". To participate in the festival, which is going this year under the motto "Fresco Humanitarian Messages to the World", out of a thousand applications, 28 films were selected from 13 countries. During the event, the audience will also have the opportunity to meet film directors and cinematographers, to take part in watching and discussing films and to attend concert programs and master classes.

All-China State Entrance Examination to Higher Educational Institutions

In early June of this year more than 16,500 students of the sister city of Changzhou passed the all-China state entrance examination to higher educational institutions (gaokao). The exam is conducted for two to three days, students take three compulsory subjects: Chinese, mathematics, a foreign language, and additional. In addition to traditional occupations this year students will be able to choose training in more than 2,300 new specialties, many of which are focused on high technology production, the use of artificial intelligence, and the security of cyberspace. The examination is an integral part of the selection policy for talented young people, which has been carried out in China for more than 40 years.


Holding a mini-football tournament in the city of Pazardzhik

In the period from 9 to 10 of June, 2018 a mini-football tournament "Support the World Cup in Russia" was held in the sister city of Pazardzhik. The organizer of the sporting event is the Bulgarian Mini-Football Association. Winners of competitions were awarded with trophies and monetary prizes.

Improvement of the city of Pazardzhik

The municipality of Pazardzhik community invites sculptors of the sister city to take part in the VII architectural project "Contemporary City Art". The purpose of the event is the improvement of urban areas. Within the framework of the project, the works of the three winners will be financed. In recent years 13 projects of local masters have been implemented.

Rose wine holiday

On the 15th of June, 2018 in the sister city of Beziers an annual celebration of rose wine was held, which is a success among residents and visitors of the city. In the wine cellars of Paul Riquet there were conducted excursions during which participants got acquainted with the history and technology of producing a popular beverage. Tasting of local wines and a buffet table were also organized.

Paralympic competition in rugby

On the 13th of June, 2018 in the framework of the World Rugby Championship among juniors, Beziers hosted the team of Paralympic athletes of the city of Montpellier. The performance of wheelchair athletes took place in the Alley of Paul Rick. The team demonstrated the game in various formats: "Quad Rugby" and "Rugby for seven seats."

Two-day show "Laser synaesthesia"

Within the framework of the eleventh annual Festival of Arts, which will be held on June 22-24, there will be organized a two-day laser show in the sister city of Des Moines. It is based on the effect of "synaesthesia" and combines light and sound. The show presents a compilation of music and abstract laser images with the use of innovative sensor technologies. Thousands of spectators, including numerous guests of the festival, will take part in the unusual festival.

International Conference on the Production of Food Vinegar

On the 10th of June, 2018 in the sister city of Zhenjiang the Second International Conference on production and technology of food vinegar manufacture was held. This is one of the most significant events in the vinegar industry, bringing together experts from the Chinese Engineering Academy, more than 20 international scientists from the United States and Italy, representatives of 30 research institutes, the three largest producers of vinegar, and more than 50 Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs. Within the framework of the forum issues of transformation and modernization of the vinegar production industry, introduction of new technologies, as well as the use of vinegar in healthy nutrition and its impact on health were discussed.

Gastronomic festival of national dishes

Within the framework of the "Yerevan Summer 2018" program Yerevan hosted the National Traditional Food Festival "Yerevan with taste". This year all events are held under the motto "Let's celebrate together" and are devoted to the 2800th anniversary of the capital of Armenia, so the festival was presented by 28 pavilions with the participation of restaurants, culinary schools, colleges, public organizations, as well as the Yerevan History Museum, the Historical and Archaeological Museum Erebuni's scholar and the Megeryan Karpet Museum. Residents and guests of the capital got an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of Armenian cuisine, as well as with national holidays and culture. Within the framework of the festival a competition for "The most beautifully designed", "The most delicious" and "The most hospitable" pavilions was held, and a new dish dedicated to the anniversary of Yerevan was prepared.

Presentation of a new van for a family holiday

In early June of this year in the sister city of Changzhou, a presentation of a new comfortable luxury class house on wheels designed by the German designer Luigi Kolani took place. The van has a total area of 40 square meters, a 16-meter length and is designed to accommodate 10 people. The car is equipped with air conditioning, digital cinema, sofa and massage chairs, and a modern kitchen. The roof can be converted into a terrace. Over 300 engineers from the Kolani Institute of Design, located in Changzhou, had been working on the trailer development for more than five years. All car parts were also produced in China.


Contest-festival of majorettes in the city of Pazardzhik

In the period from 8 to 9 of June, 2018 in the sister city of Pazardzhik the 8th contest-festival of majorettes called "Solar Besapara" was held. The organizers of the event are the municipality of Pazardzhik Community and the Children's Complex of the sister city. The festival was attended by girls from seventeen cities of the Republic of Bulgaria. The competition was held in several age categories. The European Majorette Championship will also be held in the city of Pazardzhik.

The victory in French championship in volleyball

For the first time in the history of Beziers Les Angels" women's volleyball city team " won the strong team of the city of Cannes during the game in Paris and became the champion of France. Residents of Beziers arranged a triumphant meeting for the athletes. This victory is the result of the hard work of the whole team, as well as the coherent and competent work of the coaches. Next year the team of Beziers will take part in the fight for the European Cup in volleyball.

Opening of the rehabilitation center

In the sister city of Des Moines was an opening of the Mercy rehabilitation center for patients undergoing recovery therapy after traumas of the brain and spinal cord, neurological diseases and stroke. This center is the first Iowa autonomous institution to provide rehabilitation services using the latest technology and specialized equipment that allows patients to receive necessary help without leaving the state.

Action on granting of a free taxi

In the sister city of Zhenjiang a charitable action "Free taxi for students to the entrance exams of the National College" was launched. This service can be used by students of the low-income families, as well as those living in remote areas of the city. More than 100 taxis take part in this programme. The action has been working for 16 years, and during this time more than 10 thousand students took advantage of the free transportation.

Implementation of the programme on use of renewed energy sources

A working meeting on the plan development of implementation of the programme “The EU for Yerevan: The Solar Community” was held in Yerevan's sister city administration. Within the framework of the programme it is planned to expand the use of renewable energy in the apartment buildings. That will reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The funding will be provided by the European Union grant.

Competition in public-speaking skills for foreigners

In the Jiangnan University of the sister city of Changzhou the results of the public-speaking skills competition for foreigners "We share joy in Jiangsu" took place. 20 foreign students from 18 countries of the world took part in the competition, including the United States of America, Italy, Yemen, Japan, India, etc. Participants presented audio-visual performances, told about their life in China, demonstrated knowledge of Chinese language and culture. Winners will take part in the regional competition which will be held in June of this year in the capital of Jiangsu Province, the city of Nanjing.


International Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics

In the period from 26 to 27 May of this year in the city of Pazardzhik the 5th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament took place. The organizers of the event are the mayor's office of the sister city and the Bulgarian Federation in rhythmic gymnastics. The tournament was attended by over 300 sportsmen from Bulgaria and foreign countries. Representatives of the sports club "Dilyana Prima" properly represented the sister city of Pazardzhik in international competitions and won medals in various age categories.

Opening of the Art Festival in the sister city of Pazardzhik

On 1-7 of June 2018 in the sister city of Pazardzhik will be held the 7th annual Art Festival "Art Idea – Art Alley", organized by the Municipality of Pazardzhik Community. During the festival there will be concerts, exhibitions, theater performances, film screenings, as well as meetings with famous cultural and art figures.

Rugby World Cup among juniors

Within the period from May 30 to June 17 of this year the sister city of Beziers will hold the Rugby World Cup among juniors. This is a landmark event, as well as recognition of the merits of the city, whose team has been remaining the champion of France in this sport for many years. Teams from Switzerland, Italy, Georgia, Argentina, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Wales and France have already arrived to participate in matches in the city of Beziers. All the Cup games will be held at the city stadium "Mediterranee".

Development of the wind energy project

In the sister city of Des Moines, MidAmerican Energy has started developing an innovative project in the field of power generation in wind power plants. It is expected that at the end of the project, which is planned to be completed in 2020, the city will be able to fully meet the needs of consumers in electricity using only renewable sources. The project is implemented with the active participation of investors.

On the 14th Chinese Children's Television Song Contest

On May 27 of this year in the sister city of Zhenjiang, the final of the 14th China Children's Television Song Contest was held. Music competition, held since 1995, provides an opportunity for the younger generation to show their vocal talent and performance skills. Annually more than 100 thousand children take part in it. The contest is held in 10 different age categories. The winners of each nomination will present their creative performance at the Song Contest of Jiangsu Province.

Activity programme "Yerevan summer - 2018"

In the sister city of Yerevan the activity programme "Yerevan Summer 2018"was developed. This year it is dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of the capital of Armenia. During the summer period, various festivals, exhibitions, concerts, sports competitions, as well as thematic meetings devoted to festive dates will be organized for guests and residents of the sister city. A significant increase in the number of participants is expected this year. It is assumed that a diverse cultural programme will also promote the development of local and international tourism.

Visit of representatives of foreign media

In May of 2018 a delegation of representatives of more than 20 foreign media visited the sister city of Changzhou. Correspondents of news agencies in America, Germany, Japan and other countries of the world met with the leadership of the city, got acquainted with cultural and historical heritage of Changzhou, visited innovative industrial enterprises and a modern media center, took part in press conferences. Foreign journalists noted the favorable impression made by the city, expressing confidence that they will be able to represent Changzhou to the residents of the whole world.


Celebration of the Day of the Pazardzhik city and the Days of Slavic Writing and Culture

In the sister city of Pazardzhik, there were  held festive events dedicated to the Day of the Pazardzhik city and to the Days of Slavic Writing and Culture. On May 21 of this year at the Central Square the solemn opening of the City Day took place, in which students and teachers of the 25th  gymnasium of the city of Stavropol took part. For residents and guests of the sister city various entertainment events and a festive concert were organized. During the solemn procession on May 24 of this year the leadership of the region and Pazardzhik community laid flowers to the monument of Cyril and Methodius.

"Vigilant Neighbours" society in the city of Beziers

The City Hall of the sister city of Béziers urges the citizens to take an active part in the work of the "Vigilant Neighbours" society. This is the way of city blocks joining this society to confirm that those living in their neighbourhood are indifferent and attentive people who care about what is happening nearby. It is known that in those neighbourhoods of the city that have become members of the "Vigilant Neighbors" society, level of crime has decreased by 40%. Participation of residents in the protection of public order will improve the work of police patrols and make life in the city more safe.

Ending of Youth Leadership Initiative Program 2018

Youth training program on leadership development has been summed up in the sister city of Des Moines. The aim of the 2018 program is to create favorable conditions for personal growth in the urban community. In the process of training activists took part in the development of the Children's and Family Health Movement, also in volunteer activities helping the poor, as well as the activities of the charity organizations of Des Moines in creation of shelters for animals. Upon completion of the training about 40 students of senior classes of private and public schools were awarded with certificates.

Fundraiser in Zhenjiang

In recent years special popularity among young people in China is gaining the Day of Love celebrated annually on May 20th , as in Chinese the date of this holiday is consonant with the phrase "I love you". On this day, it is popular to hold weddings, and it is also customary to show your care and love to family and friends. In the sister city of Zhenjiang, a number of charity events were organized within the framework of this holiday. The income from sale of more than 10 thousand items of goods was sent to charity organizations. Also there was conducted free medical care for the needy population.

Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia

At the end of this year’s May some concert, cultural and sports programs timed to the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia were held in all administrative districts of the sister city of Yerevan. In the framework of celebration memorial visits, also literary, musical and entertainment events in the parks and cultural centers of the city are planned.

The 13th China Exhibition of Achievements in the Field of Advanced Production Technologies

In the sister city of Changzhou, the opening of the 13th China Exhibition of Achievements in the Field of Advanced Production Technologies was held at Changzhou University. The main topic of the forum is innovative achievements and entrepreneurial activity. This year for the visitors' acquaintance there will be presented "Changzhou Model" which involves the interaction of leading industries, educational institutions and research centers in order to achieve better results in the development and application of new technologies. Within the framework of the forum business program more than 100 events for business enterprises and scientific community are planned.


Opening of the production of machine-building equipment components in the sister city of Pazardzhik

On May 17, 2018 in the sister city of Pazardzhik was held the official opening of the production of the leading Bulgarian company "RAIS", which involves the manufacture of components for machine-building equipment. The President of Japanese industrial company FANUC Corporation, the Ambassador of Japan in the Republic of Bulgaria, the Governor of Pazardzhik region, the Mayor of Pazardzhik Community, the Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria, representatives of the business community of Europe took part in the event. The area of production, in which two shops are located, an exhibition area, an administrative complex takes 3800 sq.m. The total investment amount is more than 4 million euros.

Festival of Contemporary Art in the city of Beziers

In the period from May 18 to May 21, 2018, the festival of contemporary art "L'Art deboite" will be held for the third time in the city of Beziers. The event will be attended by painters, sculptors, creators of art installations and collages, masters working in various techniques, living in France and beyond. To emphasize the originality of creative works exhibition displays are housed in large marine multicolored containers which will be installed in the center of the city of Beziers - in the Alleys of Paul Riquet. Residents and guests of the sister city will be able to get acquainted with the trends of contemporary art for free.

Training program in the field of accelerated development of agriculture

In the sister city of Des Moines the Iowa Agro-Cultural Center announced the selection of applicants for participation in the educational program in the field of accelerated development of agriculture. In the framework of training, which will be held in the period from May 29 to August 30 this year, lectures by experts and specialists in the field of agriculture, field visits to investors, presentations of modern agricultural technologies and innovative solutions, as well as practical exercises are planned. The winner of the program will be provided with $ 40,000 as a seed funding for starting his own business.

Opening of a new sports center in the city of Zhenjiang
On May 16 of this year a new sports complex, equipped with modern facilities, was opened in the sister city of Zhenjiang in order to popularize a healthy lifestyle, as well as to engage the citizens in various sports. It is expected that more than 20,000 residents of the nearby districts of the city will be able to study at the sports center. The total area of the complex is more than 16 thousand sq.m.

Expansion of cultural cooperation between Yerevan and Moscow

Within the framework of the program on expansion of cultural cooperation between Yerevan and Moscow for 2018-2021 the delegation of the Moscow interregional charitable public fund "New Names" named after I.N. Voronova visited the capital of Armenia. Within the framework of the visit, master classes of Russian artists, as well as auditions of students of municipal music and art schools from 6 to 15 years old took place, following which the winners received personal scholarships, as well as the opportunity to continue cooperation with the fund.

First China Conference on Intellectual Property on the Internet

 On May 15 of this year in the sister city of Changzhou, the First China Conference on Intellectual Property on the Internet took place. Within the framework of the forum issues of integration of mobile Internet, security of cloud computing, as well as interaction of Internet technologies and modern production were discussed. The exchange of work experience in innovative spheres such as e-commerce, application of artificial intelligence, Internet management, protection and sharing of IP-technologies took place. As a result of the conference, the Resolution on the need of promoting IP culture and Internet services was signed.


Popularization of literature in the sister-city of Pazardzhik

A cultural event called "The month of reading" organized by the city hall of Pazardzhik Community, the Council of Youth Policy of the sister city and the Czech Cultural Center will take place in the sister city of Pazardzhik. The main goal is the popularization of classical and contemporary literature of European countries. In the course of creative meetings citizens and guests of the sister city will be presented with excerpts of famous literary works, as well as creative works of young poets. This initiative is being implemented in the cities of not only Bulgaria, but also many other European countries.

Festival “Le Caritats” in the city of Beziers

On May 10, 2018 the city of Beziers hosted the public festival "Les Caritats", symbolizing an ancient holiday of mercy. During the festival citizens and guests of the city had an opportunity to get acquainted with traditions and customs of the Middle Ages. Within the program of the event there was organized the reconstruction of knight tournaments and archery competition. Master classes were also held on the manufacture of pottery, metal, leather items, wax aromatized candles, as well as compiling herbarium fr om medicinal plants known in the Middle Ages. Actors and musicians also presented interesting performances for participants.

Training event of the Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute of the city of Des Moines announced that the training event on the development of leadership qualities called "Activate" is to be held on May 15, 2018. The event involves the participation of leaders and members of local organizations, Institute alumni, as well as all interested city residents. Participants will share accomplishments of successfully organized city projects, personal and team experience in developing of leadership skills. Presentations of new projects of partner organizations will also take place.

International Marathon "Jurong"

International Marathon "Jurong" started on May 6, 2018 in the sister city of Zhenjiang. Within the framework of the sporting event, three races for different distances took place: the main marathon, a half marathon and a 5 km mini marathon. About 10,000 athletes including 75 foreign participants took part in the competition. The first prizes among men and women in the main marathon were won by the sportsmen from Kenya, in a half-marathon – by the sportsmen from Ethiopia.

Official website on the 2800th anniversary of the founding of Yerevan

According to the celebration of the 2800th anniversary of the founding of Yerevan city, called "Yerevan 2800", the cultural fund has launched an official website www.yerevan2800.am, wh ere all announcements of the events and news materials related to the anniversary of the capital establishment will be posted, as well as the interviews with famous Yerevan residents, interesting stories and essays on Yerevan. Yerevan2800.am will be available in 4 languages - Armenian, Russian, English and French.

International Seminar on Environmental Technologies

On May 7, 2018 there was held the International Workshop on Environmental Technologies in the sister city of Changzhou. It was attended by representatives of local authorities and business communities of the city of Changzhou and the state of Illinois (USA). The discussion covered the prospects for cooperation in this area, innovative methods of protecting the environment, as well as successful work and best practices of five environmental enterprises in the state of Illinois and fifteen enterprises in the city of Changzhou.


Opening of the park of culture and rest in the city of Pazardzhik

The Mayor of Pazardzhik Community participated in the official opening ceremony of the park of culture and recreation "Piskovets" on May 3, 2018. On the territory of the park with a total area of 3 hectares there are children's and sports grounds, well-equipped recreation areas, places for walking of domestic animals. The park is illuminated with solar panels. As part of the further improvement of the city, it is planned to connect the "Piskovets" with the "Island" city park by a bicycle path.

Festival "Blossoming avenues" in the city of Beziers

On May 4, 2018 the festival "Blossoming avenues" was held on the alleys of Paul Riquet, Beziers. In this regard, the city administration organized a competition for  flower growers, owners of nurseries and gardeners. Participants presented floral installations in accordance with this year theme - "A ladybird". When summarizing the results, consideration was given to the relevance of the subject, originality, quality of products. Winners received valuable prizes. Besides, within the framework of the festival there were organized master classes on planting and caring for plants, an exhibition of creative works of pupils of general educational establishments of the city, and shopping stands of sellers of related products.

Summer social program of 2018

Social club of the city of Des-Moines has announced the selection start of four interns for participating in the summer social program of 2018 to implement non-commercial cultural programs. Students will get acquainted with the structure of non-profit organizations, take part in planning and carrying out various activities. Each intern will work under the guidance of a mentor in various areas: training, marketing, planning, management. In 2018 interns will receive a money reward for their work within the program for the first time.

Events within the framework of the World Day Against Asthma

Within the framework of the World Asthma Day, a number of free activities were organized in the outpatient department of the Jiangsu University Hospital for familiarization with the methods of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Doctors told about the symptoms of asthma, presented recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and prevention of repeated seizures, selection of necessary medication and also answered patients’ questions of interest.

Preservation and restoration of the historical area of Erebuni

In order to stimulate tourism attraction and development, the Yerevan Municipality discussed a program for further financial and technical assistance to restore the historical Erebuni area, in particular, the introduction of raw brick technology and its use in the restoration of the citadel. This is one of the numerous programs for preserving historical area, implemented since 1998, since the accession of the Armenian capital to the Association of Mayors of French-speaking cities.

Summit on Network Communication and Innovation "Zijin" in Changzhou

On April 27, 2018 in the sister city of Changzhou was held the Summit on Network Communication and Innovation of Cyberspace called "Zijin Network Communication Innovation Summit". The forum discussed issues of new formats integration of mass media into social space, the need for innovative development and expansion of communication platforms, as well as the importance of further informatization of the country. It was suggested to pay more attention to training of young specialists in the field of Internet technologies. The event was attended by more than 500 experts and media representatives.


Photo exhibition in Pazardzhik

On April 26 this year in the sister city of Pazardzhik in the Art Gallery named after Stanislav Dospevsky was held the opening of the exhibition "Choice". The exposition presents the best works of the Fourth International Photo Contest, where about 400 photographers from 52 countries took part. The creative work of Bulgarian photographers won 9 prizes. The photos are presented in 6 nominations.

Restoration of the organ in the city of Beziers

In the sister city of Bézier was carried out restoration work of the organ which was created in the 17th century by the Flemish master Guillaume Ponchet and installed in the cathedral of Saint Nazaire. This musical instrument is included in the register of historical objects and protected by law. The organ was created in 1623. After restoration of the instrument in the XIX century in the city of Beziers, there was held a memorable concert of the great composer Camille Saint-Saens. Restoration work was financed jointly by the Beziers City Hall and the government of the Hérault region in the amount of over 134,000 euros.

Day of Combating Malaria

In the sister city of Zhenjiang a number of educational events took place on April 26 this year within the framework of the Eleventh National Day Against Malaria. The Public Health Center and the City Health Service organized free consultations on the topic "Elimination of malaria: beware of infection" and distributed information leaflets, also answered the questions of city residents about possible remedies, symptoms and treatment of the infectious disease.

Development of cooperation between Yerevan and Lyon

In order to develop further cooperation between Yerevan and the French city of Lyon, a direct Yerevan-Lyon-Yerevan flight was launched in the capital of Armenia. Passenger transportation will be carried out by the airline "Armenia" twice a week. Considering that 2018 is the 26-th year of cooperation between these cities, direct air communication will deepen bilateral cultural and economic ties and development of tourism.

Changzhou City Sports Games

In the sister city of Changzhou the Fifteenth Sports Games has started on April 22 this year. At the opening ceremony in the Olympic Sports Center the Party Secretary Wang Quan and Mayor of City Din Chun addressed the participants and spectators with a welcoming speech. Large-scale wilderness orienteering, competitions in more than 100 disciplines, also a sports carnival, as well as exhibitions, master classes and other interesting events will take place within the framework of the Sports Games. Fifteenth City Sports Games will last from April to November.


National Meeting of Architects of Bulgarian Communities

In the period from April 18 to 20, 2018, the Seventh National Meeting of Architects of the Bulgarian Communities, organized by the City Mayor's Office and the National Association of Bulgarian Communities, took place in the sister city of Pazardzhik. More than 100 major architects participated in the discussion of topical issues in the field of territorial organization, planning and management of construction and investment processes. Within the framework of business programs, acquaintance with architectural and cultural objects was also held.

Showroom of old and rare books in the city of Bezier

On April 21 this year the Showroom of ancient and rare books will take place for the first time in the hall of Bezier Theatre. The event will be attended by the eight most famous book collectors of the South of France from Nice to Perpignan. Several hundred pieces of collectible novels, essays, scientific works, as well as other rare editions will be presented at the stands.

Brenton Skating Plaza of the city of Des Moines

One of the most popular places of the sister city of Des Moines for organizing concerts, business meetings, corporate parties and weddings is the Brenton Skating Plaza, located in the downtown. Residents and guests of Des Moines note the convenience of the location of the building, magnificent view of the city, as well as the nice atmosphere of this popular venue. For the beginning of the spring-summer season, a unique 50-meter canopy has been put with aim of helding events in any weather from early May to mid-October.

Tea Culture Festival in Zhenjiang

In the sister city of Zhenjiang the Tea Culture Festival was held on April 15 of this year. Within the framework of the event presentations of tea varieties, acquaintance with Chinese tea traditions, performances of creative and vocal groups were organized. During the Festival the best tea was selected. The festival aroused great interest among residents and visitors of the city.

Events dedicated to the International Day of Monuments and Historical Sites in Yerevan

Within the framework of celebration of the International Day of Monuments and Historical Places a new exhibition called "Archaeological Heritage for Generations: Knowing, Valuing, Preserving" was held in the Erebuni Municipal Historical and Archaeological Preserve-Museum of the sister city of Yerevan. The purpose of the event is to introduce the younger generation to the study of cultural and historical values. For visitors there was the performance of the Autumn voices Choir by the Association of mature Yerevan residents and also an educational excursion around the preserve-museum prepared by the students of the Young archaeologist’s school.

Chinese Import and Export Fair in Changzhou

In the sister city of Changzhou there was a great opening of the 123rd Canton Fair of Chinese imports and exports on April 15 of this year. The Canton is the largest exhibition with the biggest business turnover. Many products are presented here, including power and construction equipment, auto parts, consumer electronics, building materials, household goods, men's and women's clothing, healthcare, gardening, sports and tourism products and much more. Annually more than 20,000 sellers and about 100,000 buyers take part in the event.


Initiative of personal development of youth

In the sister city of Pazardzhik the new initiative aimed at the personal development and professional orientation of younger generation is implemented. For career guidance the youth meeting with representatives of various professions will take place on April 17 of this year. Within it lectures will be organized and questions of interest will be discussed.

Reorganization of museums of the city of Bezier

The municipality of Bezier decided to make essential changes of the organization of the sister city’s museums.
Only one from three museums of Bezier, Fayette's museum, will be kept in its previous form. The Fabrega museum will be reconstructed and it will be the main storage and the place of display of various collections. The museum of the region of Bezier will become a spare storage for museum collections.
It is also planned to create a new modern museum by 2026 meeting all requirements of safety for objects of old times.

Farmers’ market in Des Moines

In the sister city of Des Moines the 43rd Farmers’ market will be opened at the beginning of May, it will work until the end of October.
Goods of 300 farmers, local producers and handicraftsmen from more than 50 districts of Iowa will be presented at the market. Annually the action attracts a large number of visitors, allowing not only to get fresh products, but also to participate in various entertaining events for all family.  
This year a sponsor of the Farmers’ market is the UnityPoint Health which plans to organize for visitors of the market a number of training meetings in the sphere of strengthening of health, consultations of nutritionists and also medical examinations every Saturday.

New technologies in pest control

In the sister city of Zhenjiang the Agricultural Distribution Company organized the presentation devoted to introduction of new technologies to the sphere of pest control on rice plantations. 100 representatives of farms have participated in the action. It is supposed to use modern remote-piloted vehicles for pest control. According to developers drones will be able to improve significantly the situation in this area that in turn will lead to increase in productivity of rice.

Festive actions in Yerevan devoted to the International day of dance and the International day of jazz

A number of the actions devoted to the International day of dance on April 28th and to the International day of jazz on April 30th will take place in the sister city of Yerevan. During the festivals colorful performances of song and dance ensembles and famous actors, musical competitions and meetings, and also contests devoted to national traditions are planned. These holidays are celebrated several years in Yerevan and are popular not only among citizens, but also tourists visiting the capital.

Qingming Holiday in China

This year the sister city of Changzhou, despite rainy and cold weather, within the Qingming Holiday was visited by 500 thousand tourists that is 12.69% more, than last year. The Qingming Holiday (or Festival of pure light) has very ancient history. It was considered that it’s the last day in a year to begin agricultural work. Today it is a family three-day holiday when relatives gather and carry out a ceremony of commemoration of ancestors. Picnics with singing and dances, and walks in the fresh air are also very popular.


International youth theater festival in the city of Pazardzhik
In the city of Pazardzhik the International youth theater festival "Ocean of Love" was held during the period from March 30 to April 3, 2018. Within the program of the event there were performances of more than 15 art groups of Bulgaria and Macedonia, "round tables", and meetings with the famous theater actors of Bulgaria.

Honorary reward of the Youth Home of the city of Pazardzhik
Voting on receiving the "The gold sign" honorary reward for the significant contribution to activity of the Youth Home of the city of Pazardzhik took place from March 26 to April 4, 2018. Winners were determined by the following nominations: the best artist or teacher of arts school, the most skilled teacher of the Youth Home and journalists who are most actively covering events of the organization.

Participation in the national competition "We Set to Work"
School students of the city of Bezier won the first place following the results of the national competition "We Set to Work" held since 1996 by group of the French scientists with a Nobel laureate on physics Georges Sharpak. Pupils of Olivye School already became winners of this prestigious competition for the fifth time. The winning project was devoted to clockworks and devices for time measurement from ancient times up to now. The award was presented in the French Academy of Sciences.

Construction and Career Exhibition in Des Moines
In April the Construction and Career Expo – 2018 will take place in the sister city of Des Moines. Within the event students, pupils, consultants for career and parents will be able to get acquainted with the existing opportunities for career development in the construction industry. All range of construction works from conceptual design to finishing will be presented at the exhibition. 10-12 master classes in practical demonstration of the works usually made on building sites will be organized in each section. Visitors of the exhibition can discuss interesting issues with professionals and define what education they need in this or that branch.

Visit of a group of students from Canada to Zhenjiang
Within development of the international educational exchanges the sister city of Zhenjiang was visited by a group of students from Canada. Within the program of stay they got acquainted with the system of teaching and educational process at the Zhenjiang Chongshi Girl's School and also national arts of China. The Canadian school students participated in master classes in calligraphy, art of paper cutting, clay figures and tea ceremony. For cultural events the group of students also visited Zhenjiang's sights.

Season of francophonie at music and art schools of Yerevan
For acquaintance of younger generation with the French culture the Season of francophonie is organized at municipal music art schools of the sister city of Yerevan. Within the event introductory lessons about famous artists of France and the French-speaking countries, their works and influence on the world cultural heritage, concert programs of French classical and modern writers and also an art exhibition devoted to Paris and French architecture are planned.

Visit of delegation of Denmark to the city of Changzhou

At the end of March of this year the headed by the mayor delegation of Randers, sixth in size city of Denmark, visited Changzhou. Since 2014 the cities develop fruitful cooperation in such area as economy and trade, education and culture, and tourism.
During the visit they discussed issues of further interaction in various spheres of social and economic cooperation and also expansion of partner communications between Institute of technology of Changzhou and University College of Denmark. Special attention is paid to the international distance training programs in preschool education. Near 100 students from Denmark have already participated in them.


Reconstruction of the city of Pazardzhik
In the sister city of Pazardzhik implementation of large projects was started on March 28 of this year for improvement of two residential areas. Development of the city is one the priority activities of the mayor's office. The cost of repair work is more than 3.5 million Euros; financing is made from funds of the European Union. Only for the last 8 years more than 40 million Euros were allocated for works in the sphere of city improvement.

Reconstruction of the Arena of the city of Bezier
Since 1897 the Arena of the city of Bezier – the venue of bullfights and other events, is one of the symbols of the city which are permanently attracting tourists. Due to the celebration of fifty-year anniversary of the Feriya festival in 2018 the decision on restoration works on this object has been made. It is supposed that it will be financed by Society of Arenas of Bezier into which consists of representatives of owners’ families and also municipality of the city of Bezier, and will make about 300000 Euros.

Mayor's Annual Ride and Run in Des Moines
In April the charitable Mayor's Annual Ride on 37 km and Run on 5 km will be held in the sister city of Des Moines. The funds from registration fees will go for completion of construction of the trail which will connect Cownie Baseball Complex to Easter Lake Park. This road is of great importance for convenience of movement of inhabitants and city visitors.

International educational game on robotics in Zhenjiang
At the end of March of this year the First international educational game on robotics "Information age" was organized in the Sport exhibition center of the sister city of Zhenjiang. More than 2800 pupils aged from 8 up to 18 years acted as engineers, experts in telecommunications, analysts of data, network and information administrators of safety. It was necessary to create the software, to use innovative communication technologies, to develop applications and to protect network safety. The competition lasted for two days; winners will participate in the international tournaments on robotics.

Charity program "The mayor's office of Yerevan - to children of Yerevan"
In the center of children's development and rehabilitation of "Erazi Tong" (House of a dream) the fifth season of a charity program "the Mayor's office of Yerevan - to children of Yerevan", realized together with public organization Armenian mothers. Beneficiaries of the program are children with a cerebral palsy and being under the care of single mothers. In the center of children's development and rehabilitation this year a complex course of therapy will be organized with the logopedists and the psychologists for children, psychological consultations for parents.

Visit of delegation of Brazil-China Trade center
In March of this year the sister city of Changzhou was visited by the delegation of Brazil-China Trade center. During the meetings with representatives of the municipal national government of Changzhou issues of economic and trade cooperation, scientific and cultural exchange between Brazil and China werediscussed. Special attention was paid to the program of football coaches for exchange of experience and the organization of football tours. It was hoped for further development of interaction in this sphere.

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